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The Exact Advertising Hub

Why Choose Us ?

We are The Exact Advertising Hub, a generation that has grown and evolved with the growth of the internet itself, diversifying ourselves by the day to ensure that we are consistently ahead of trends. We have lived through from Yahoo! Messenger to Snapchat; justifying our expertise in this field thereby giving us the ability to sense the digital as organic as it could be. Onboarding us will ensure that your business will have the best possible digital presence and necessary branding that your business will require. What we strive for is not just a business transaction but we fortify ourselves alongside the brand itself. With the fast paced changes that the world throws at you it’s time to onboard us and see your business evolve. We use the latest trends and techniques in digital marketing to promote your business in different marketing platforms. Our clear understanding of what customer exactly wants helps us to achieve the company’s goal with the right strategy. To improve your ranking in search engines, brand awareness, and your business we put extensive efforts to yield successful results in a short period through our strategic digital marketing approach !

Our Work

We specialise in any sort of digital medium that requires brand recognition, we have an extensive range that has almost next to nothing left out of our digitisation periscope.

Digital Marketing

In Business, Digital Marketing is the game changer. It is about connecting with the audiences not only at the right place but also at the right time. Digital Marketing is measurable and targetable to a great extent. Digital Marketing Services includes Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media Optimization, Email Marketing, Referral Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Social Media Marketing.
Some of the features of our services includes:

1) Understanding Client’s business model, goals and objective

2) Strict abidance  to time and budget

3)  Aim at harnessing better business for our clients


Branding is a really strong word that will one day denote your product and services. Everything starts with your brand, it’s the only way customers understand and perceive you. The very element of branding starts from the logo design, choosing the right color of represent you along with every single message you convey. It’s essential that that each and every element is well thought out and carefully crafted to build the perfect corporate identity you need.How We Design A Branding DesignWe believe all business have a story to tell. We have art directors and creative folks to help curate your product/service to come up with the perfect story that explains your business. The story becomes your brand’s inspiration.Promote Your BrandOnce we have created your brand and corporate identity, we do not leave you along. We help you create all your branding materials starting from your stationary and until your stall designs. We stand by you until all your product-branding strategies are achieved.

Our Services

There are 3 categories of marketing

Above the line marketing – Also known as ATL marketing uses mass media as the main medium to communicate with their respective target audience. Most (business to consumer) B2C companies opt for ATL marketing mediums in order to help them reach out to the vast segment of audience. ATL marketing mediums are perfect for the brands and products that have a mass appeal and are seeking to reach out to an extensive audience in a short span of time.

Below the line marketing – Also known as BTL marketing, uses off beat marketing mediums that are directed to a specific set of audience. Though BTL marketing is adopted by both B2C and B2B (business to business) companies, it is slightly more preferred by B2B companies. BTL marketing strategies may not produce surplus results immediately but it definitely does yield tremendous benefits in the long run.

Through the line marketing – Also known as TTL marketing is a combination of both ATL and BTL marketing. Many brand and companies use integrated marketing mediums to reach out to their target group. Such integrated marketing techniques are known as TTL marketing.

A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well – Kishore Duglas (CEO)